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The Wolf Is Crying Dodgers

wolf2The rumor on the street, put out by Randy Wolf’s agent, is that he would like to return to the Dodgers, and that just might be an excellent option for us.  Wolf could probably be signed for a one -year deal with an option year, probably for $6 to $8 million per year.  That makes more sense to me than signing a pitcher long term.  It also looks like the Manny sweepstakes will default to us.  I just don’t see anyone making a big run at him, and I think Ned has believed that all along.  I still think Orlando Hudson would look nice behind Raffy and I think he could probably be had for a 3-year/$28 Million deal, but DeWitt probably won’t be that much of a dropoff at 2B.  I expect Blake DeWitt to hit 15-20 HR in a full season within the next couple years, maybe as soon as next year.  He looked good defensively at 2B (not as good as Hudson, of course), but I do like his “grit.”  We have a unique infield in Loney, DeWitt, Raffy and Blake in that all four can hit the ball out of the park.  They are not the BIG BOPPERS, but it is possible that all four could have 15+ HR each!

Also, Oliver Perez is being mentioned as being on the Dodgers radar.  I am not enthralled with him as he usually is very, very good or very, very bad!  He’s so up and down! 

Finally, Congratulation to Hong-Chih Kuo on being named the set-up man of the year.  Hoipefully, his elbow issue at the end of the season won’t linger and he can act as co-closer with the Brox!  Our pen should be a GREAT STRENGTH this year with the two above pitchers, along with Cory Wade, Scott Elbert, and remember this name – Ramon Troncoso.  Ramon is going to have huge year next year as a middle reliever or set-up man.  Also, I expect James McDonald to work out of the pen, especially if we sign another FA starter and if Schmidt makes it back.  Our bullpen will be stellar next year.

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24 Responses to “The Wolf Is Crying Dodgers”

  1. mario says:

    wolf wants a 3 year deal not one..
    yesterday DeWitt was a future journeyman and very expendable , and today he is a poorman’s orlando hudson who’s gonna be hitting 20 hr’s in a couple of year?? mark you have no your site though…….

  2. mark says:


    Manny wants a 5 year deal, but he won’t get one. Wolf may WANT a 3-year deal, but unless it is below market value, he won’t get it, either.

    Read carefully what I said about DeWitt. I CLEARLY STATED that Hudson was a better player and much better defensively. I’d rather have Hudson, but DeWitt is (will be) a journeyman who might hit 20 HR, which does make him a “poorman’s Hudson” in that if you can’t afford Hudson, you still have DeWitt. What don’t you understand about that? I prefer Hudson, but it’s not like DeWitt is horrible. Hudson is an All-Star – I doubt that DeWitt ever will be. 20 HR does not make him a great player – just a journeyman.

  3. Badger says:

    I have said all along that DeWitt should be playing everyday at AAA. I still believe that. Of course Jed would love to have him perform at this level because he is a cheap option. But his OJT will continue for at least one more year and along with the other youngin’s we have learning the trade – the list is rather long on this team – we cannot afford to do it and win. The league is now built so that the good teams don’t have that going on. I am still on the O train.

    Wolf can want 3 years, but I doubt he will get it. In ten years, he has only started 30+ four times, though one of those years was ’08, so… I don’t know, maybe. He is a risk though.

    I still think the Yankers are players in the Manny sweepstakes. Especially after Teixeira signs with Boston.

  4. mark says:

    Boston says they are out of the Tex sweepstakes.

  5. Bill Russell says:

    Mark, where did you read that Boston is out of the Teixeira sweepstakes? I can’t find that.

  6. truthy-ness says:

    there it is Bill, RedSox outbid? then who the Yankees? The Angels are about to sign Juan Rivera, so Mannys options are getting slimmer and slimmer. Maybe soon we go back to Manny with our 2 yr $45 mil offer and up it to 3 yr guaranteed and $70 mil. That gets it done maybe?

  7. Bill Russell says:

    Pitching Options

    Sheets 3.09 198 181 +17 47 158 +111
    Johnson 3.91 184 184 0 44 173 +129
    Wolf 4.00 190 191 -1 71 162 + 91
    Pettitte 4.54 204 233 -29 55 158 +103
    Perez 4.22 194 167 +27 105 180 + 75
    Garland 4.90 196 237 -41 59 90 + 31

    Lowe 3.24 211 194 +17 45 147 +102

    Sheets is the only guy that can step into Derek’s spot if we can’t resign Lowe without a trade.

    R Johnson and Wolf is a step down. I just estimated Wolf’s ERA it’s probably a little higher.

    Like Steve says if Perez can gain control and limit the BB’s he could be an option, his IP – H is really good.

    Pettitte’s ERA is high but he’s in the AL which makes it higher and IP – H is -29 very high.
    His SO – BB +103 is very good.

    Garland just doesn’t do it for me.

  8. Bill Russell says:

    My spacing didn’t stay the same as when I posted

  9. Badger says:

    I agree that Lowe’s numbers will be very difficult to replace. In fact, I doubt we get anyone who will do what he did.

    But, if we sign a Gold Glove 2nd baseman, it could help any pitcher’s ERA.

    I think Tex signs first. Just a hunch. Once that is done, Borass comes out for Manny saying “hey, Manny’s numbers are just as good, maybe better. He deserves 4 years.”

    Don’t worry about your typos Bill. We are all getting used to the misteaks and kan reed rite arounnd themm.

  10. Bill Russell says:

    Badger you are right. Tex should sign soon and Boras will try is best to shop Manny. I just hope O Dog will still be around if we lose out on Manny. I would roll the dice with Sheets for 2 years

  11. lawdog says:

    If we sign Manny, Ben Sheets could win 20 games for us if his elbow doesn’t go south on him. The man struck out 18 batters in one game an d once struck out the side on 9 pitches. Last year his WHIP was 1.15. In yeasrs passed he’s had a WHIP under 1.00.

    He’s a right hander with stuff comparable to Sandy Koufax’ who has a third quality out pitch–the changeup (similar to Ramon Martinez’) to go with his Don Sutton Curve and Gibson fastball. I won’t say he’s a right handed Sandy Koufax or another Gibson, but he does have better stuff than Don Drysdale had–as long as hew stays healthy. He managed to do sdo last year and I think he’ll be good for a 2 year deal with a vesting third . He’s so much better than the other options we almost have to go this way or just cheap out with a one year Randy Johnson deal–which won’t help us ion ther standings but will make Frank a pot full of money as he approaches his 300th win.

    They Yankiees have no spend over 500 billion for two pitchers. I think they’ll pass on Manny. We neeed to go get him before some GM goes insane and gives him a 3 year with vesting 4th hyear deal at 26 per. That’s what it will take, and the man is worth it to us.

    On what do you guys base yu conclusion that DeJesus is goling to suck big time as a major leaguer? Have any of you seen him play . If so, more thasn once? Is there any scout who is saying this based on watching him play and analyzing what he sees? The kid is hitting .342 last I looked in Winterball. If you are pulling this opinion out of the “blue sky”–shame on you. If you have a basis for it–please share it with those ignorant of the inside facts such as me. :shock:

  12. SteveM says:

    So many topics and so little time.

    1st – We are better off without Manny. He’s obviously NOT going to get what he wants financially and does anybody think he’s going to be “Good Manny” under those conditions. If he isn’t the same person who played his ass off for us last year, he’s better off somewhere else.

    2nd – I’m starting to lean towards Sheets a little, but only if he gets a heavy incentive-laden, short-term (3 yrs.), team option 3rd year contract. There’s no doubting his stuff, I would hate to see a Schmidt replay, but if healthy he would definitely would be our ace.

    3rd – DeJesus has huge potential and I’ve seen him play, he’s legit. He should be as close to untouchable as any of our prospects. I wouldn’t take trading him off the table, but it would have to be a helluva deal for me to move him. By the time both Furcal and Blake are done, DeJesus and DeWitt will be ready to man the left side of our infield for the next several years. I look forward to that.

    Finally, I like the roster as it is already. If Ol’Ned can tweak a little with the starting rotation, then better. I can see this team winning for the next couple of years and even more in the future once the kids mature.

    Merry X-Mas everybody.

  13. Harold says:

    Mark – I liked your Greinke idea but have his issues been settled?

    “Greinke left the Royals spring training camp for personal reasons in late February, 2006. It was later revealed that he was suffering from social anxiety disorder and was having trouble working with others. He reported back to the Royals’ spring training facility in Surprise, Arizona, on April 17, where he has been undergoing pitching sessions. He was placed on the 60-day disabled list due to psychological issues and took time away from baseball entirely until returning on a rehab assignment with Wichita. In 2007, Greinke succeeded in staking his claim of the inside portion of the plate and was dominant throughout spring training. He returned to the Royals rotation at the start of the season, but was sent to the bullpen in early May after alternating good starts with bad ones and compiling a 1–4 record with a 5.71 ERA. As a reliever, he was “lights out”, going 4–1 with a 3.54 ERA. After the 2007 season he signed a one year contract to stay in Kansas City and to avoid arbitration.”

  14. lawdog says:

    Joe Sheehan of SI has a long article on why teams should avoid signing Orlando Hudson, Randy Wolf, Jon Garland and Milton Bradley: :shock:

  15. lawdog says:

    Jason Varitec is also on Sheehan’s list of bad options in the article linked above by yours truly.

  16. Mark says:


    All I know is that he came back and did well last year. He’s only 25, so he has a lot ahead of him…

  17. Mark says:


    OK, I’m off the Hudson Bandwagon. Let’s have Abreu and DeWitt battle it out.

  18. Mark says:

    Mark Kriegel is an idiot in too many ways to enumerate!

  19. Badger says:

    Good post Steve. As much as I would like to disagree I can’t.

    Yep, another writer who thinks the Dodgers aren’t players. While they do have a high payroll, with near 4 million b.i.s. and advertising all over the park, they can afford that. Tell me again why they don’t have their own cable channel? Until they do, they will never be in “the Teixeira mix”.

    I still like Hudson. I watched him play nearly everyday he was in last year and the guy got game. He and Raffy together on the infield would lower our team ERA and raise our runs scored.

    So, who we gonna draft with all those picks?


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