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The Next Move Is To Trade DeJesus

With the stunning signing of Rafael Furcal, we now have our SS position filled for the next 3 or 4 years (hopefully, for __dodgers_logoall we paid), so Ivan DeJesus is expendable… and very tradable, I might add!  The fact that Raffy chose to sign with the Dodgers is simply because he prefers to play in LA for a team that has a chance to win it all.  Raffy bleeds Dodger Blue!  So, now we could package DeJesus, DeWitt and Pierre to Kansas City for Zach Greinke (he could easily become a #2), and sign Orlando Hudson to play 2B.  DeWitt is a nice player, but I basically think he’s a LH Casey Blake.  He’s hard-nosed and has a flair for the dramatic, but he’s a “journeyman” in my opinion.  Hudson is a Gold-Glove 2B and a .300 hitter who would look nice in our #2 spot.  I have not heard anyone say anything about a trade like this, but here’s my rationale:  We basically “overpay” for Greinke by throwing in BOTH DeWitt and DeJesus so that KC will accept Pierre’s salary, and they do need a leadoff hitter anyway!  Pierre’s salary dump is basically a wash with Hudson and then all there is left to do is to sign Manny or Abreu or Burrell, if Manny won’t sign.


The Dodgers played it pretty close to the vest on this deal with Furcal, but some of you continue to blast the McCourts (like TJ Slimers), when if fact, they have ALWAYS shown they will spend the mony when necessary!  McCourt knows it takes money to make money and some small-minded idiot, troublemakers like Slimers simply don’t grasp the facts.  What an IDIOT!  He couldn’t run a lemonade stand!  I hate people who make their living criticizing people who have the ability to do things they can’t do.

It appears that Ben Sheets is not being offered much in the free agent market.  Now might be a good time for the Dodgers to step-up with an incentive-laden deal for him.  Yeah, I know about his injury history, but we are not counting on him to be an ace!

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28 Responses to “The Next Move Is To Trade DeJesus”

  1. Blue Haze says:

    I am one of the voices that didn’t want to lose Raffy (I knew he would sign with the Dodgers, unless he didn’t sign with the Dodgers, of course). A healthy Raffy is a very, very good thing for this club: in the clubhouse, on the infield and in the batting order (just ask Joe Torre). I really don’t think that Raffy is an injury waiting to happen, but I wouldn’t put Repko on the field at the same time as Raffy (Repko is a human wrecking ball). The big question is, what to do with Pierre? I wouldn’t trade Pierre until I see what is actually going to happen in the outfield. The Dodgers have to take a look at Andruw “this is my contract year” Jones in ST and figure out his potential for the season (I think he is done, unless he is isn’t, of course). I have heard rumors that Jones looks like he is going to have a big year, but that he may not have a big year, but he looks like he could for sure, maybe. At this point, I have not heard any proclamations of Jones have a mediocre year, unless he doesn’t have a mediocre year.

    It is nice to hear that a player actually wanted to stay in LA, for a change, and turned down bigger $ (from the A’s) in order to stay (his agents played the Braves like a drum, btw.

    I still believe that it is likely Manny returns to LA (no not the Angels). However, Borass is a world class A-hole, so who knows what will happen and what rumors and games are yet to be played. If Manny does resign, the Dodgers could stop the waiting game with Pierre and see what they could acquire.

    Mark, you make a good point, Simers doesn’t get it. I think Simers has a pretty good chance of claiming to be the World’s Biggest A’hole (I can think of another person or two that have a pretty good shot as well for the title).

    So we have the infield that is unchanged from the close of last season, nothing wrong with that. Also, red ass Kent is no longer hanging around with his sour puss and potted-plant range, nothing wrong with that as well.

  2. Bill Russell says:

    I don’t see any reason to quickly ship away DeJesus. He may be our 2nd baseman in 2 years and our SS in 4 years. Why not include Hu in your trade packages and resign Berroa for backup? For an Allstar pitcher, they will be looking for young talent that can play at the major league level. They have fans that would demand something to come to the ball park for since there’s no rides and attractions in KC. Greinke would be a very nice pickup but KC wouldn’t take a salary dump like Pierre for their centerpiece. Pierre would have to go to a larger market team like the Cubs, Mets or the White Sox and you won’t get quality in that trade. If Manny can be resigned, Ned would have to sacrifice one of our young outfielders in the package to get a quality pitcher like Greinke or Peavy.

    The McCourts did look like cheapskates when it was reported that Furcal was signing with the Braves. I have more respect now that Ned finally pulled it off but if it wasn’t for unethical negotiation practices we should have lost him to the Braves. I call tell you Boras won’t operate like that in the negotiations for Manny and shouldn’t. I can see if the agent gives everyone one last chance to bid but revealing the contract to another team is just wrong.
    I hope the McCourts don’t expect this kind of treatment from other agents. Although we all feel that Boras owes us one for Andruw Jones.


  3. Mark says:

    Rest assured that Borass will do ANYTHING if he thinks he can get more money for his client because 10% belongs to him.

  4. Mark says:

    On DeJesus:

    1. I do not think he will be a major league SS;
    2. He doesn’t have enough power for 2B (IMO); and
    3. After a good year last year and a good winter league, his trade value should be high (unless everyone else thinks the same thing I do).

  5. Bill Russell says:

    There’s not a long list of power hitting 2nd if you care to check. Utley and Uggla.
    Then you only have 3 guy’s that’s hit 21.
    Phillips, DeRosa and Ramirez. Everyone else is 17 and way below. I never thought of the 2nd base position as being a power position. It’s always been a luxury to have a 2nd baseman with power.

    DeJesus would probably made a great 2nd baseman next year or 2 years from now. Then when Furcal steps aside he will be ready to take over. Maybe one year longer then Ned had planned but it could still be an effective plan.

    We disagree on Boras. He is a sleezeball there’s not doubt about it but being unethical by backing away from an agreement and or revealing other teams prices during negotations will bite Kinzer in the butt with the Braves and other teams that saw what happened. Just not a smart tactic/move. In fact if I remember correctly the Dodgers were upset with Boras for not checking back again when Beltre left. I know your upset that Hu’s not starting at SS next year, but he should get a chance with another team so via trade. Hang in there. :smile:

  6. Bill Russell says:


  7. Badger says:

    I am with Bill on this one. Don’t trade DeJesus until we know Raffy is our Opening Day SS.

    I am on record as thinking Simers hit the nail. I have seen nothing that shows me McJamie and Fred are on par with organizations that win championships. Last year was a fluke if you ask me. Take the gift of Manny out of the equation and this team is lucky to finish at .500.

    Now Manny, a healthy Furcal, a healthy Schmidt, the Jones of the steroid era, retain Lowe, and I could be convinced that these guys are genius.

    There are at least 3 teams in the NL that are currently better than us. The Cubs, the Mets and the World Champion Philadelphia Phillies. Anyone ready to make predictions yet? Too early for me, but as it stands now, we might win the West again, but, we would be without home field. I like what the Mets have done, and the Cubs should be very good. Marlins, Cards, even the Dbacks will all be very good. The gints will improve…. again, too early.

    And come on, let’s be real here. If Greinke is for sale, we would have to get in line. He is another guy who, on the right team, could win 18. You don’t get guys like that for a couple of unprovens and a .328 slg.% outfielder who makes 470 outs a year.

    We have some other moves to make. If we can land Hudson and a first line starter, we could be in the mix. If we sign Manny, I am on board.

    Furcal makes us better, but he alone is hardly enough to convince me.

  8. Mark says:

    I don’t think Hu will be “all that” but he’s a nice utilityman for us. He can play 2B, SS and 3B. I really don;t see us trading Hu unless someone really overwhelms us for him.

    Borass didn’t get back with DePo about Beltre because he knew he wouldn’t get any more from him. What DePo should have done is call Beltre and work it out with him like the Yanks did with A-Rod last year. Beltre wanted to stay in LA and if he had talked directly with DePo, he would have stayed. The Dodgers would have “matched” Seattles’ deal.

    We can blast Ned about some of his deals, but he’s a good ‘ole boy back-slapping type GM who prabably gets more slack with some agents, not Borass! He hates Borass, so if I were Ned, I would just pick up the phone and say

    “Manny, the highest paid player in the game struck a deal last year without his agent (Broasss). Do you want to be a Dodger and if so, let’s see what we both can do.”

    The Heck with Borasssssss@%$#*!

  9. Mark says:

    Oh, I think we will be sorry if we don’t “sell high” with DeJesus. He’s not going to be anymore than a journeyman. IMHO

  10. Chucky says:

    What impresses me with the Frucal signing is the salary structure, low in the early years (waiting for Schmidt and Jones to go away and higher later). Yes I know that it has a $3m signing bonus but he has made good moves here. Now Ned needs to keep working; starter, closer and power hitter. Trade Jones, Pierre and Hu. Keep DeJ and let DeWitt develop.

  11. SteveM says:

    DeJesus is still the SS of the future, don’t forget the very real past and potential health issues of Furcal. If he needs to break in at 2B that’s OK.

    In the meantime the Dodgers have other SS prospects that could be of value in any potential trades. Hu is the most obvious, Josh Bell (who may project more to 3B) is also highly rated. Other SS who have some value are Preston Mattingly and Devaris Gordon. The Dodgers are stock full and able to wheel and deal if Ol’Ned so chooses.

    My preference is we hold on to our kids and concentrate on filling the gaps with F/A’s. LF is not the gaping hole everyone thinks it is, with Jones on a motivated comeback path and Pierre a capable veteran.

    Andruw Jones is the key, if he continues with his conditioning program and rediscovers his swing, either in winter ball or spring training. With Jones as a productive member of the lineup, the Dodgers have a RH, power-hitting, cleanup hitter already under contract. After 2009, Lambo will be in a position to make the 40-man roster and maybe more. Eventually, Kemp should be the RH, power hitter we need.

    If all else fails, Pierre will be a proven everyday player who can help the Dodgers win. The key with Pierre is that he doesn’t hit leadoff – he’s the most overrated leadoff hitter I can think of. Hitting lower in the lineup allows Pierre to swing to his heart’s content and putting the ball in play is what he does best.

    I think the Dodgers are ready to compete right now. I don’t want Manny back and if Burrell (the best fit) can’t be signed, I’m OK with that too. But please, don’t start trading off every prospect we have in search of some unnecessary, imaginary championship-winning stroke of genius.

  12. Badger says:

    Mark, I doubt these GM’s can pick up the phone and talk directly to players because it violates the contract the player has with their agent. You think Borass doesn’t that base covered?

    The ESPN article I have posted both here and on other sites states very clearly what happened in the Beltre/Bora$$/Dodgers/Seattle fiasco and we don’t need to cover it again. Borass never got back to DePodesta because he got the best offer from Seattle. End of Beltre’s career here. Good riddance to both of them.

    Now having said that, I would have traded Jones to Seattle for Beltre. Other than that, I really never saw Beltre coming back here.

    I liked the contract structure too Chucky. There is also a thing in there about 600 plate appearances in his last year.

    I agree that DeJesus will be limited in his star potential. But, he is a Major League player in the making, and could really develop on a team like, say, Kansas City. DeJesus, Lambo and MacDonald might get us Greinke. Not that I would do that, but that is what kind of deal would do it.

  13. Mark says:


    Josh Bell will be lucky to play 3B, let alone SS. He missed nearly all of last season, so he’s really an unknow right now, but he will NEVER play SS.

    Mattingly was a SS in high school, but haa very limited range. He was a falt-out bust in Low-A Ball last year.

    Hu is the best SS, but it reamins to be seen how well he can hit. He is exceptional defensively.

    DeJesus could play SS, but his range is in question.

    Which leads me to another player, Jaime Pedroza who had a good year at IE last year. He’s a sleeper and should jump to AA next year. He’s a switch-hitter and a very nice SS. Watch him.

    The guy who is being groomed to be our next SS (after Raffy)is Devaris Gordon who has blazing speed and covers huge ground. His upside is unlimited and he should start at Great Lakes next year. He’s young and raw, but worth a watch.


    DeJesus will be traded
    Hu will be traded next year
    Mattingly will drop out of baseball
    Pedroza will be a utilityman
    Josh Bell will see the majors in 2011 as a 3B or 1B and could actually take over for Blake
    Gordon will be our leadoff hitter in 2012.

    I agree on Jones, Pierre and Lambo!

  14. lawdog says:

    Hus that you say?

    Yep! Hu would make a good utility infielder as long as yu don’t put a bat in his hands and ask him to hit.

    Wasn’t Mendoza a pretty good utility player with the same qualification? :shock:

    Andrew Jones might make an adequate utility outfielder. Bring him in as a defensive replacement for Manny in late innings or garbage time. Just don’t put a bat in his hands and expect him to make contact with a pitched baseball. :roll:

  15. jerry says:

    i think if we get peavy,it is about 5 loses we dont have..that 5 more wins that he beat us with..that could be big at the end of the season.

  16. Badger says:

    Good point jerry, but Peavy is owed about a zillion dollars over the next few years, and that is why he won’t be a Dodger.

    Davarius Gordon? Isn’t he the guy from Hootie and the Blowfish?

    I would love to see us pick up Greinke. Think they would take Pierre if we gave them some money in the deal? We have our lead-off hitter back, sign a clean-up hitter and Pierre, Hu, DeJesus and whoever are expendable.

  17. SpokaneBob says:

    The Furcal signing means Ned can trade Pierre, now that he has Raffy to leadoff.

    I believe there will be a trade a some point.

    I don’t think Ned will go after Hudson. That ship sailed when we signed Loretta to platoon with DeWitt.

    As it stands now


  18. Bill Russell says:

    As much as we all want Hudson, reality is telling me that it isn’t gonna happen. We have a cheap option with DeWitt at 2nd and Franky will keep it that way. Besides, Torre likes DeWitt. I hope if we miss out on Manny that we could upgrade with Hudson but it’s a long shot at best.

    I just read a post stating that the Braves will not sign any of Kinzer/Tellem clients in the future. Randy Wolf was on the Braves radar but since his agent is now the hated duo in Atlanta these days, they won’t consider him. Wow. How many other teams will shy away from Kinzer/Tellem players now knowing what happened with Furcal?
    Maybe the Dodgers get the inside track on Wolf now since they have a good relationship with these two agents.

    I am wondering if the Dodgers would consider a trade with the Mets. We sent them Andruw Jones and his shitty contract for L. Castillo and his crappy contract. Castillo tanked bad last year but in his previous years had pretty good numbers with the Twins. Maybe it was the NY spotlight and crazy fans that spin him into medioricity after signing his big contract. This could benefit both teams. I just don’t share the same hope as others in here that A (hole is his swing) Jones will bounce back after two very sub par years. His last year in Atlanta was a contract year and he hit a shameful .220. That should have been a sign but Frank wanted to sign him anyway. He was a very good player 3-4 years ago but something has happened (steroids, food and lazyness) to damage this young star.

    I think the Dodgers should make a 3 year $70 – $75 million dollar offer for Manny and put a time limit on it. If he likes L.A., the fans and Joe Torre, he takes it and we build the team knowing he’s aboard. If the time limit expires we won’t miss out on Hudson or other players like (Dunn, Abreu, or Steve’s guy P.B.). Franks playing this one close to his vest in hopes of getting Manny on a two year $45 million dollar deal but once Teixeira signs, Manny’s bidding war will begin and we may lose out on his services. Manny could end up costing us more then just not signing Manny if we continue to wait. I am still on a high from signing Furcal but now lets don’t stop there. :smile:

  19. SteveM says:

    Word is now that the Yankees are expecting Manny’s price to drop below $20 mil and are going to wait. If Manny can be signed at $18-$20 mil, it should be sending shivers through every F/A out there.

    Even at the discount I don’t want Manny unless it’s for 2 years. I think Burrell can be signed for Furcal-type money if these prices are true. That would be great for the Dodgers.

    Let’s keep an eye on Jones though, he’s not exactly tearing up winter ball yet. He’s got a couple of months to go and everything looks like he’s working hard. The one most positive thing right now is he’s only got 1 more year left, then goodbye.

    If we trade Jones for Castillo, for instance, he’s signed until 2011 at $6 mil per, just about the same price but we’re stuck with him and he’s played in exactly 222 games the last 3 years. That’s 74 games per year, talk about shitty.

    Just for info, Elias Sports rates Abreu as the #10 OF/DH/1B in the AL, while Dunn rates #12 in the NL.

    The #13 OF/1B in the NL is Pat Burrell, he rates equally with these guys and he’s RH – that’s what we need to balance out Loney (#38) and Ethier (#16) in the middle of the lineup.

    Also of interest: Billingsley is the #12 SP in the NL and Ben Sheets is #13. Guess who’s #14 – Oliver Perez, younger and more healthy than Sheets. Just something to think about.

  20. Gonzo says:

    Jones for Catillo, huh, where have I heard that one before….

    There was an interesting article on Ben Maller where there was scenario that the Dodgers would send Jones for Matsui. Which wouldn’t be so bad. Matsui could relieve either of the corner outfileders and gives us financial flexibility. I’d do it.

  21. Bill Russell says:

    With Teixeira about to sign a $180 million dollar contract with the Red Sox rumors are speading around that Manny’s next. Two rumors I just read are putting the Yankees at two years $50 million and 3 years $66 million. Now that the Angels are losing out on Teixeira, they are also rumored to jump into the Manny mix. I just can’t see Manny’s numbers going down to $18 mil per year with these three teams involved.
    As for the Jones for Castillo trade idea, you can look at it as paying $18 mil for one year or $18 mil over 3 years. I didn’t realize Castillo had missed that many games however but I hear he’s working out and in good shape. Jones missed some time last year as well with the knee problem and on the bench. Just an idea.
    If Oliver Perez could throw strikes he would be a great pitcher. I think his control problems are holding some teams back but he may be worth the risk.

  22. mark says:

    It makes absolutely no sense to trade Jones and the Dodgers will not do it. Here’s why:

    1. They are on the hook for $22.1 mil with him. IF anyone were to trade for him, you’d have to pay a substantial amount of that.

    2. If you are going to have to pay it regardless, why not see if he can return to his glory years?

    3. We are resigned to paying it and if he tanks, we just cut him, but if BIG IF he returns to glory, my oh my what we would have.

    The Dodgers have already LOST with Jones. They have nothing to gain by trading or cutting him now. He comes to Spring Training and then we go from there…

    If Ned can trade Jone without having to pay at leat $18 million, then he’s way over-qualified to do his job. He should be head of the Fed!

  23. mark says:

    According to Tony Jackson, Raffy’s agents released this e-mail:

    With regard to the negotiations between the Atlanta Braves and Rafael Furcal, the essential facts are clear and cannot be disputed.

    1. There was never an agreement reached between Rafael Furcal and the Atlanta Braves.

    2. In fact, the Braves were fully aware that Furcal was not prepared to make a decision but had requested an opportunity to sleep on it, before deciding.

    3. Moreover, the Baseball rules which all agents and teams operate under are clear that no deal exists between a player and a team unless and until: (i) there is a signed and executed player agreement or; (ii) the Player’s Union and the Commissioner’s office have otherwise confirmed the deal. Neither occurred here.

    4. Furcal ultimately decided to accept the Dodgers’ offer, taking into consideration a number of factors the most important of which was his desire to continue playing short-stop and not make the position change to second base that the Braves were requiring.

    5. Losing out on an all-star player like Furcal is always disappointing, and we understand the Braves’ frustration with the outcome of this negotiation, but it does not change in any way the fact that we conducted ourselves with integrity and complied with all rules of major league baseball throughout this process.

    6. Our primary obligation is to serve our clients best interests, and we will continue to do so in accordance with all relevant rules governing MLB negotiations and the utmost integrity.

    7. If it serves our clients we will continue to present opportunities to the Braves, which in accordance with the rules governing Major League Baseball, the Braves must entertain. We hope that once emotions have subsided, the Braves will act in a manner consistent with not only their obligations under the Collective Bargaining Agreement and The National Labor Relations Act, but also the best interests of the franchise. In short, we would not want this incident to color their better judgment.

  24. mark says:

    Andruw Jones has missed the past two Dominican Winter League games, reportedly due to a blistered hand.

  25. Badger says:

    mark’s right about Jones. We aren’t going to be able to dump him. Bad signing. We must learn to live with it. Who knows, maybe he will develop into a dangerous PH.

    About the Braves and Furcal, I just read that they will not deal with his agents ever again. Sounds like they are a bit pissed.

  26. Gonzo says:

    SO is Jones the official 4th OF? If he remotely hits 10-15 HR’s that will throw the OF situation into disarray, if we sign Manny of course. So to me Matsui could fill every 4-5 games.

  27. Badger says:

    Jones is the 4th outfielder unless we sign Manny. Then, Jones becomes the 5th outfielder. You know Jed’s philosophy on this, you can never have too many outfielders.

    Just imagine that Yankee team with Manny on it. They could win 120 games.

  28. jerry says:

    maybe jones just needs glasses., seem like he dont see the ball


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