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It Feels Like 1988 All Over Again!

In Game 1, James Loney stepped up and was the hero with 4 RBI’s in one swing of the bat!   In Game 2, Russ Martin plated 3 runs with one swing of the bat to put us on top!  Chad Billingsley threw BB”s and our defense was as stellar as the Cubs was suspect.  In fact, all the the Cubs infielders made an error – what were they playing with , “frying pans?”  Just think, we played most of the year without Furcal, Penny, Jones, Nomar and Schmidt – All former All-Stars and Pre-Season Pillars to our Success!  Of course, Manny and Casey Blake played a big part of this teams success, but we are surely a different team with Rafael at SS and leading off.   It’s not over – the fat lady is humming – let’s not forget that in 2001, an Oakland A’s team jumped out to a 2-0 lead over a team and then lost.  Who was that team?  None other than the Joe Torre Yankees!


  • Speaking of Brad Penny, he may be re-joining the Dodgers according to Diamond Leung
  • Rumor has it that Frank McCourt was the reason we signed Andruw Jones.  It is said that he handled the negoitations with Jones agent.  If so, that makes Ned safe after the season, no matter what happens,
  • Just because Saito got knocked around is not a reason to worry, in itself - frequently closers don’t do well when they have such a big lead.  However, last night Saito only threw a couple of pitches that reashed as high as 92.  He is usually at 94 or 95.  It was revealed that his amazing recovery was the results of a platlet/plasma injection in his elbow (Dylan Hernandez).  Let’s hope it’s not the elbow cause of his drop in velocity.
  • I am starting to believe in Curses – Poor Cubs Fans!
  • Let’s hope Kuroda brings his “A-Game and we get out our brooms!
  • These sure feel like Destiny’s Dodgers!

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19 Responses to “It Feels Like 1988 All Over Again!”

  1. Blue Haze says:

    Just returned from the Emerald Isle and boy was it fun (and expensive). SFO did it’s best to deny my viewing game two, thanks to a two hour holding pattern over the airport, thus turning my 10.5 hour flight into a 12.5 flight, then causing me to be stuck in commuter hell, due to the lateness of my arrival. Made it to my humble abode just in time to turn on the game and enjoy the fireworks at Wrigley. Ireland is follows no MLB, NBA but some slight coverage of the NFL, poor bastards. So I was informed upon my arrival that the Dodgers had already bagged Game 1, yahoo!!

    Billingsley is really starting to shine, and brighter every start in the last two months. It was nice to see Furcal back in there and wrecking havoc again in the one hole. He really makes a tremendous difference to how Torre can fill out his line-up card (maybe it was a blessing in disguise when he went down because I don’t think the Dodgers would have been as active to acquire Blake or Manny if he had been carrying the team). With all the old and the new together, this team looks very tough in any series that is to come.

    Roger, didn’t find the cover of the Book of Kells that you requested, but I did finally get up to the more northern Kells by the end of my trip. While there also went to Hill of Tara, Trimm and some other ancient sites while in that area. Strongly recommend a trip to Ireland if you are one that likes history, Hill of Tara pre-dates the Egyptian pyramids, absolutely fascinating stuff everywhere one casts his/her eyes.


  2. DRomo says:

    Let’s not get too excited yet. We haven’t won anything yet. Our magic number is 1. After that go nuts. Until then lets just hope we get a chance to celebrate at home again.

    Have you noticed the lack of respect the Dodgers get? Everybody knows Manny but the rest of the team is like a bunch of scrubs to the broadcasters. Loney hits the big grand slam on Wednesday and the victory is all about Manny Ramirez. Don’t get me wrong as long as we win I don’t care who gets credit (I am no Jeff Kent). But it is funny to me that this TBS crew is so east coast biased and not baseball oriented they don’t even know that Hiroki Kuroda’s first name isn’t Hikeki. Hideki? Twice he called him Hideki! Dude, Ernie Johnson read the damn teleprompter. Also tell Gallagher he looks great now that he stopped smashing pumpkins….what’s that you say?…Oh sorry I didn’t recognize Dennis Eckersley.

    Enjoy the day off guys. We must finish this in LA!!
    Magic number is 1!!!

  3. Roger says:

    Hey Blue Haze, glad you went and are now back safely. We did a cruise around Great Britain two years ago, and were in Dubin and northern Ireland both for a day each. It is a special place.

    Dodgers 2 up. In a great position.

    But if there is any team in baseball that could come back — it is the Cubs. They have pitching that can shut down anyone. They are professionals and do have a chance.

    Harden pitches next for the Cubs. If he is on — he is tough. Furcal needs to do his bunt thing, Manny needs to t-off on him. But you never know.

    Last night, Kemp looked overmatched in centerfield. I saw two balls, he must have taken the wrong route — or the balls were just hit hard that they looked. Edmonds might have caught both balls.

  4. Bill Russell says:

    We are up 2 games to notta against the World Series favorites. We spanked their little furry butts on their home turf and we still can’t get NO respect. We are the Rodney Dangerfields of baseball.
    Can we find any positive things to say about the Dodgers? Do we belong in the playoffs? The ANAL- ists are still reporting the Cub mistakes and untimely pitching efforts. Get over it, the Dodgers are just kicking their behinds. Even though game 3 is at home, it will be our toughest challenge. Kuroda is a far better pitcher at home then on the road and I’m hoping he’s up for the task Saturday night.
    Roger, have you ever tryed catching a baseball and ivy at the same time? Maybe next year we can find time to practive that. Kemps route on the other fly ball is questionable but Saying that Edmonds would have catch it is also questionable. Edmonds is at best a half step faster then Loney these days. I would have thought the recent success of our team would have at least brought the positive thinking out from our own fans. And for the record, Russell Martin is looking very very good these days. GO BLUE

  5. Frank says:

    ESPN is pissing me off.
    Its all about the cubs losing and not the dodgers winning.

    This is motivation for the dodger players!!!!

  6. Blue Haze says:

    Spent 14 days in Ireland, Roger, mainly from Dublin down south to Cork & Cobh, up the west coast as far as Galway, then back across the country to just north of Dublin, then finished along the east coast, awesome vacation.

    Now to make a great vacation greater, I get the Dodgers on a roll. I think that Kuroda will shut them down. Look at his stats against the Cubs in two starts this year against the Cubs, his ERA is like .80 or something ridiculous, he should have beat them in Chicago, I think he only gave up a run and the Dodgers didn’t score a run to support him. The deal with the Dodgers is, they actually believe they have the ability to come back in any game, they should be a scary opponent to face right now. Momentum is a very dynamic monster, once the monster is unleashed, watch out it has an amazing appetite that must be fed. The Dodgers look hungry and aggressive.

  7. Roger says:

    Bill Russell, I want not refering to the ball in the ivy. There were a couple of other drives he just was not there.

    He will learn.

  8. DRomo says:

    Kemps routes are always suspect, but in Wrigley with the winds it is a tough place to chase fly balls.

    What was hard for me to watch was Saito and Broxton. I know it wasn’t a save situation and some closers struggle in those spots but c’mon. A blown save in this series could give the Cubs the momentum to win 3 straight. Just like when the Red Sox got in 2004 against the Yankees. I hope the guys do not take their foot off the pedal! Saturdays game should be treated as a MUST win. The good teams smell blood and finish it!!

  9. Bill Russell says:

    Romo , make up your mind, Who do you want closing? If you were Joe Torre what would you do? C Wade maybe?

  10. Voldomer says:

    Maybe I’m missing the comments on TBS that are bothering others–I fastforwarded between the pitches for a few innings last night (watched the debate first, TiVo’d the game), and I switch to the Dodgers’ postgame show on Prime Ticket rather than watching the TBS guys. I must say I have been quite happy with the way they have discussed the Dodgers on TBS. Sure, they are ignorant of a few things that we fans know about the team, but all national broadcasters are (though I have appreciated that Tony Gwynn actually knows something about the Dodgers).

    Frankly, I’m just THRILLED that “big Fox” doesn’t have these playoffs, as I despise their robot graphics, constant shots of Fox TV stars in the stands, and Tim McCarver’s whining.

  11. Mark says:

    I have actually enjoyed the announcing. It has been different, not better, but different.

  12. Gonzo says:

    I’d like to know if Cory Wade could start. I know he is valuable in the pen but he has good enough stuff to be a starter IMHO.

  13. Roger says:

    Appears to me that Cory Wade came as a surprise to even be on the Dodgers at all. He is learning to pitch. Over the winter, the team will probably determine the role they want for him.

    But for now, it is just throwing strikes that the hitters cannot hit. And that ain’t easy.

  14. Bill Russell says:

    Gonzo, What I have heard is that C Wade is good one time through the lineup. The second time through gets a little ugly. Therefore RP and not a starter. I heard that report mid season, not sure if anything has changed since then.
    The reporting that bugs me is that it’s all about how bad the Cubs are playing and not how good the Dodgers are playing. Maybe the Cubs are playing really well and the Dodgers pitchers are just shuting them down. It’s not our fault that their knees are knocking and they can’t field and hit the ball. I can’t remember too many recent games that the Dodgers have been blown out of lately. That tells me that our pitching staff keeps us in the game giving us a chance to win each night. The East Coast haters can just sit back and watch the Dodgers take apart the Cubbies and head on in to Philly. Maybe by the end of these playoffs the light will finally go on. They will Say- Yes they played Philly tough during the season and yes they played the Brewers tough during the season also. Oh yes they did play the Angels tough also. Now that they are healthy , yes that are pretty good. 8)

  15. mark says:

    I’m not saying he’s the next coming, but Corey Wade reminds me of Greg Maddux (the way he pitches).

  16. Bill Russell says:

    It’s kind of spooky in here, no Badger or Lawdang this days. 8)

  17. Roger says:

    The media was expecting the Cubs to win, and even win it all this year.

    Face it, with all of their infield postions yesterday making errors, that did lead to a lot of runs.

    The Keys to winning so far — taking advantage of Cub errors and misplays — and, very solid pitching by the Dodger pitchers. Very solid. They were not ready for that.

    For those old enought to remember — 1966 — about 5 games to the end of the season, the Dodgers that year were beating everyone. Then they went cold for the last several games. That carried over to the World Series with Baltimore — Dodgers lost 4 straight games. That is when Willy Davis had all of those errors in the day game.

  18. Bill Russell says:

    Maybe Badger and Lawdang are on the campaign trail. Or seaching for the book cover in the Hills of Ireland. Roger, I was 10 in 1966 playing little league baseball and worried about trading soda bottles for candy. My other priorities were saving money for the mini bike of my dreams and putting together the coolest model cars on the block. I was also the best marble player in school. I had so many marbles stuffed in my dresser drawer that the bottom broke out and my dad whipped my behind for breaking the furniture.
    I remember the events of Tommy D in the outfield but it’s not eched too deep in my memory. I collected baseball cards and put the guys I didn’t like in the spokes of my bicycle. The cool sounds it made as I peddled down the road. If I only knew that the guys I sacrificed for the cool sounds might bring me some cash in todays market. Anyway it’s a boring night without Dodger baseball. The only enjoyment I can gain tonight is to hear that the Red Sox’s took it to the LA Angels of Orange County. Peace 8)

  19. Bill Russell says:

    The LA Angels of Orange County that’s not even in LA county. How stupid is that????? :mrgreen:


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