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Game Time – Let’s Get Ready to Rumble!

How we do this weekend could determine whether or not we make a blockbuster deal with someone like Pittsburgh.  If we sweep or get 2 out of 3, there might be little urgency.  However, if we are swept or just win one, the Dodger Braintrust could be compelled to push the button.

Tonight’s Lineup:

  1. Kemp, RF
  2. Ethier, LF
  3. Martin, C
  4. Kent, 2B
  5. Nomar, SS
  6. Loney, 1B
  7. Jones, CF
  8. DeWitt, 3B
  9. Kuroda, P

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14 Responses to “Game Time – Let’s Get Ready to Rumble!”

  1. Bill Russell says:

    Hear’s to a better second half…. CHEERS

  2. Captain Loose says:

    Nice start.

    ‘druw, in 1 inning with a K and error.

  3. Badger says:

    I just saw a #5 hitter hit a fly ball to center over Jones’ head that landed on the grass. How often do you see that? I can see that maybe happening with a weak hitting 2b or pitcher up, but not a #5 hitter.

    What is Jones doing on this team?

  4. Bill Russell says:

    How long will we continue to run Jones up to the plate and watch him whiff? There has to be a point of no return on the 36.2 million dollar robbery Jones pulled off.
    Don’t we want to win this game tonight? Why is Johnson?? Pitching and not someone like Kuo? I’m starting to wonder about Torre’s coaching ability. I am already getting a bad feeling about the second half and it just started.

  5. Michael says:

    Don’t misunderstand me here because I do bleed blue. I had a brief thought in the top of the 1st that OMG, we have a polar shift happening right before our eyes. I took the dog out and our 3 zip lead vanished to a deficit by the time my Shih Tzu found the magic spot to do her thing. This is the best thing that can happen, really. I hope they beat us like a drum not only tonight, but in the next couple of weeks. Maybe then Frank and the so-called braintrust will get the grand delusion out of their heads and face reality. This is NOT our year. If we pulled off a trick like the Rockies did last year we would get our rear ends handed to us on a silver platter. Push the button, light the fuse, open the store. Get smart and take a lesson from teams like the Marlins, Rays and A’s. Trade everyone, and be picked to finish last next season but somehow keep rising like cream to the top. P. S. How about that guy that got traded for a bag of balls earlier this year. At the time I was thinking, sheeze. I doubt we could even get that for it. Cut your losses Frank, send him home, he doesn’t want to play anymore [he figured out that if my offensive offense doesn't get me a ticket to Curacco then I guess I'll have to make a fool out of myself in the field too] {Don’t care about pride, I’m rich and fat just like Rush}. Your money will be well spent just to get rid of him. Maybe you can claim a charitable contribution to send him home to learn how to spell his name.

  6. Badger says:

    Actually it was the clean-up hitter that hit that fly over Jones head that landed on the grass. Strange.

    Yep, this is one odd team.

    Still hopeful, but……..

  7. Michael says:

    Stop it, No Mas, you are messing with Franks’ brain functions. If you keep this up, you can beat me like a red-headed stepchild. P.S. No offense intended, but I have been quiet for a couple days and I had to vent.

  8. Tony says: is reporting that Schmidt is injured again, yikes!

  9. Roger says:

    Reporting in from Tombstone . . . Tony, I wouldn’t even count on Schmidt, period. I have not since the beginning of the year. If he does come back, great. But do not save a spot for him on the bench.

    Nomar and Kemp crushed the ball. Now it is 7-7 in the 9th …

    Wife and I will be there Sunday. I will wear my Brooklyn Dodger, Jackie Robinson Jersey.

  10. Bill Russell says:

    Ugly but nice………….

  11. lawdog says:

    Nomah looked like the Nomah of old tonight. Maybe we can get through this season with Garciaparra and Berroa if we trade for Bay alone,

    I’m not all that upset at the prospect of trading McDonald of it means getting a key player (like Bay) in return. McDonald doesn’t have great stuff and must develop into a control specialist and be able to spot all his pitches and change speeds on them all as well if he’s going to crack the starting rotation at the major league level. He may succeed but he’s probably a couple of years away. He’s given up a home run every ten innings this year. I don’t think we’d really miss him with the other piyching prospects we’ve drafted.

    Kemp is looking better to me after tonight, The way he kept fouling off fastballs until he got a changeup–from a pitcher who’s best pitch is the changeup and then drove the change into the seats was a remarkable display of hitting. He was sitting on the change up which is almost impossible to do when the oitcher has a good fastball. But he kept foulomg off fastballs and worked the count until he got that changeup and hit it in the seats.

    We should be wary of trading him, even for Bay.

    I wonder if the Pirates might take Young (who Torre was showcasing tonight once he had a stomach full of the Punchless Judy show), Repko, May, McDonald, Brozaban and Hu for Bay? Stultz could be thrown in as well if necessary and we wouldn’t miss him with the ascending Kershaw ready to come up and join the rotation. Hell, that collection might be good enough to bring us Bay and Wilson. Or maybe the Pirates laugh at the deal and I’m just en gaged in wishful thinking? I don’t know. It’s getting late and my thinking is even fuzzier than normal.

    You have to love the way the Dogs came back tonight, the way Kup and Broxton pitched, and the way we hit 4 homeruns–two for Nomah and one each from Kemp and Loney. Two doubles for Ethier. Just about everybody but Jones looked good for the second half!

    How much longer can we carry Jones’ sorry behind? He’s a rally killer on a small ball team. And Torre proves that he’s truly felony stupid by not batting him 8th if he has to play him at all. I say it’s time to cut our loses and give him his outright release.

  12. lawdog says:

    Kemp cf

    Ethier rf

    Martin c

    Bay lf

    Loney 1b

    Nomah/Wilson ss

    LaRoche 2b

    DaWitty1 3b

    Hello playoffs!

  13. Harold says:

    Lawdog you might just be dreaming. If I’m Pittsburgh I’m thinking the Dodgers are desperate. I’m thinking Brazoban on the 60 day DL is never going to recover, Hu’s value is diminished, Repko gets injured often and hasn’t lit up AAA and must be almost as old as Bay. That leaves May and MacDonald from that group. Shults a nice fifth starter and Young hasn’t showcased well as he just doesn’t get to play regularly. I’m thinking in Pittsburgh, I want guys like Lambo and Santana, maybe Bryan Morris. We can’t make a trade with guys who just don’t quite make it. Teams will want younger and perhaps bordering on blue chip prospects. I like Bay, another Canadian, but his stock has dropped a bit and to trade out of desperation raises it. If we get Bay who sits? Ethier – as JP will play when he returns. Do we want Bay, Andruw and JP which means Matt also sits.

    I don’t know much about trades but I know this – DON’T TRADE MATT KEMP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Jason Bay broke out in his second year at age 25. Can’t we wait on Matt – he does contribute quite a bit. Matt is still 23.

  14. Badger says:

    Harold is right about what the Pirates would want in return. Personally, I think Repko might be a decent fit in Pittsburgh. He will never be a major force, but he is very good in the outfield, and can hit around .270 if given a full time job. He has been up and down so often in L.A. he doesn’t know if he is coming or going.

    I would trade Matt Kemp for Jason Bay. How much more I would give? Not much.

    Last night’s game shows what the Dodgers can do when Jones leaves the field and the vets step up to the plate. Can they keep it up?


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