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Joe Torre Broke Into My Computer

This morning, I started writing a column extolling the merits of starting Russ Martin at 3B a couple of times a week, so that we can keep his bat in the lineup and still rest him to a degree, and BAM, that’s what Torre does! I swear, he broke into my computer.

Anyway, I think it’s a smart move (probably because it was my idea).


SS Furcal
LF Pierre
RF Kemp
2B Kent
3B Martin
1B Loney
CF Jones
C Bennett
RH Penny

UPDATE: Juan Castro signed with the Rockies. I have mixed feelings about that – He’s a great clubhouse guy, but it would have meant sending Hu down. So, no harm, no foul!

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33 Responses to “Joe Torre Broke Into My Computer”

  1. Mark says:

    Clayton Kershaw pitched 6.2 innings tonight and allowed 0 earned runs. His ERA is 1.11 and still winless as he cannot win or lose tonight’s game.

    Colletti was there watching him…

  2. Mark says:

    Tony Abreu ran the bases at extended spring training, and after getting in some games there is expected to begin a rehabilitation assignment with Class AAA Las Vegas next week.

  3. Harold says:

    Mark, I really don’t like the Russell Martin experiment. If we are planning to return him to third base, then OK fly with it. If it is just to give Russell’s legs a rest, then I think we should rest his whole body. Making different types of throws, etc. from third base is risking injury. If it is to keep Blake from facing lefty Francis, then use Hu. Chin-Lung needs play time and should be as versatile as possible. I know he doesn’t have Russell’s confidence but he has to work on that.

    If it is just to keep Russell happy, that’s not a good enough reason. I think a good catcher is too valuable to be experimenting with. In a few years Russell may well become something other than a catcher.

  4. mark says:

    I am not worried about it. Martin is a well-conditioned athlete. Like the Rockies announcers said “he’s a ballplayer.”

    Martin has good speed and if he catches 3 or 4 more years, he will lose some of it. I think he could play 2B and LF too. The guy is a player!

    He wants to play every day and his bat needs to be in the lineup. Playing 3B is a whole lot easier than catching.

    Gary Bennett? I am not impressed with him.

    I’d rather have AJ Ellis or Lucas May…

    or Mike Piazza. Last I heard, he’s unemployed. Tommy tried to lobby for the Dodgers to sign him so he could retire a Dodger, but no one was interested.

  5. voldomer says:

    I’m comfortable with Martin at 3B too. He knows the position well and plays there (and a few other places, it sounds) during BP everyday anyway. Johnny Bench used to play various positions to give his knees a rest too. I agree, though, that Martin also needs some “real” days off too.

  6. mark says:

    Sweeney hits for Bennett and Martin will go back to C, with Rake DeWitt coming in at 3B.

  7. mark says:

    3-2 and Rake is ready for his first Grand Salami!

  8. mark says:



  9. Harold says:

    Russell is a good Canadian player. He has that hockey mentality. Although his defense tonight excites me, I am still not comfortable with the idea, but I imagine it will grow on me.

    Oh man, Francis another Canadian player, pitched around Loney to get to Andruw. That should pump Andruw up.

    I agree about the backup catcher. Bring up a kid to learn the ropes. Piazza a great idea.


  10. mark says:

    Furcal is our HR leader

  11. Harold says:

    What can we do with Andruw? He can’t even get a SF? How can it be that bad? He has to sit or go down to get tuned up. I try never to get down on a player but this is like a nightmare. It must be worse than that for Andruw.

  12. mark says:

    Speaking of Lucas May, he hit a double and a HR tonight (.319).

  13. mark says:


    He has to sit for a few days and Ethier has to play.

    He needs a fresh start.

    He needs to get mad.

    He seems to accept his K’s too casually!

  14. Harold says:

    Man, a few homers would be nice. They rattle teams more than a series of singles although the singles cause more pitches, make innings longer, cause things to happen.

    Gotta love Blake Dewitt. Not easy to PH.

  15. Harold says:

    I’m following on computer – thus delayed. I expect your comment on Raffy was because of this homer just registered.
    Raffy is the man.

  16. Mark says:


    Have you ever tried the MLB video?

    Do you have high-speed internet?

    I have the MLB TV package, but also the internet video for when I can’t be at home to watch.

    I just watch it on my laptop

  17. voldomer says:

    I wonder if DeWitt has ever considered being a catcher? Suddenly he can’t make the plays at 3B that Martin made look routine. As my wife just said, DeWitt must have had a sinking feeling watching Martin play so well defensively (though I don’t think he has anything to worry about in terms of the regular lineup).

  18. Harold says:

    I have high speed internet but haven’t subscribed to MLB video. With LA four time zones away the home games, SD, Frisco are just too late. Also Arizona and Colorado. As strange as it seems I love to wake up in the morning, not knowing what happened, and check in on the Dodger score. Great way to start the day.

    I am up late tonight as I have been writing on MSN to our son who is in NZ.

  19. Mark says:

    Just a rookie mistake … or two.

    It has a way of evening out over the season.

    It’s like Baseball America said: “He’s an adequate defender with a solid average arm.”

    He has never been known for his defense…

  20. Mark says:

    Does your son live there Harold?

  21. voldomer says:

    Mark, you need a Slingbox–about $150 for the basic model and with no monthly fees. With that you can watch your DirecTV (I’m guessing that is what you have) from your computer virtually anywhere in the world you have an internet connection. My dad and I both have Slingboxes, and we watch each other’s system when one of us has a regional black out (or gets “Foxed” out on Saturday game, as happened to me for the Braves game recently). I have a DirecTV Tivo tuner devoted full-time to the Slingbox with no TV attached, which means I can watch whatever I want without interfering with the family’s viewing when I’m traveling.

  22. Mark says:

    Yeah, my wife is getting me one for Father’s Day. I have Comcast. I wasn’t fond of Direct TV

  23. Mark says:

    Bases loaded.

    Holiday AB

    This can’t be good!

  24. Mark says:

    Bad decision!

    DeWitt should have went to the plate.

    His arm is not nearly as good as LaRoche’s!

  25. Mark says:

    3 Errors in that inning for DeWitt (only 2 actual)

    3 Runs.

  26. voldomer says:


  27. Mark says:

    I think Kemp is now our RBI leader.

    I told Joe he has to play every day!

  28. voldomer says:

    Imagine how much LESS exciting this inning would be if DeWitt had not made those errors! I suspect he planned this. ;-)

  29. mark says:

    I’m certain of it.

  30. mark says:

    DeWitt does not have the arm to play 3B on an everyday basis!

  31. Robert Cole says:

    DeWitt does have the arm. It just so happens that he came into the game late on a literally freezing day. Twenty nine degrees to be exact. I think he should be considered for a conversion to another position. He obviously has the potential to be a great player, especially when it comes to hitting in a clutch moment. I’d like to see him become an all around utility player, since we seem to have enough third basemen whether Nomar is injured or not.

    And Joe. BENCH JONES!!!!!

  32. Harold says:

    Mark – our son Jamie is on a one year visa to NZ. He is working at different jobs and travelling. He did that in Australia about four years ago. Work is very easy to find if one doesn’t mind manual labor – mostly farm work with quite good pay. He will be back in October and work the winter at the ski area in Whistler. Next spring home to real work.

    Good win last night. Hopefully it was just the cold that got Blake. That was another reason why I didn’t like Russell at 3B. Not as active for him and Blake coming in late, cold. One could anticipate a PH for Bennett if the game got close. Chan Ho making a nice contribution.


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