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Game Time – Loaiza vs. De La Rosa – Martin at 3B


  1. Furcal, SS
  2. Pierre, LF
  3. Kemp, RF
  4. Kent, 2B
  5. Martin, 3B
  6. Loney, 1B
  7. Jones, CF
  8. Bennett, C
  9. Loaiza, P

I don’t like that lineup, beacuse I don’t like Bennett.

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21 Responses to “Game Time – Loaiza vs. De La Rosa – Martin at 3B”

  1. Robert Cole says:

    I don’t like that the bottom is so weak. But I love the Furcal Pierre 1-2 punch that just proved its power.

  2. Harold says:

    Russell at third. This is no longer about getting him a rest. If Joe wanted another bat in the lineup, how about Ethier in and Jones out. Martin catching and Dewitt at third. Can’t convince me that would not be a stronger batting order.

    Bennett or Dewitt
    Martin Martin
    Jones Ethier

    So, what’s up? Just seems a little bit too soon to be doing that. Maybe, Mark is dead on again. Ned watched Clayton but also Lucas May in Jacksonville.

  3. Robert Cole says:

    I agree with you one hundred percent Harold. There is no longer a reason to keep jones in the line up. I don’t even capitalize his name anymore, that’s how much I dislike him. What is is strike out to home run ratio these days? Something like 35 to 1? I gave him a little bit of slack in the beginning, but now that we are playing out thirtieth game, I think it’s time to give Pierre and Ethier the playing time they deserve and sit the thrity six million dollar man on the bench.

  4. Harold says:

    Does Russell have a minor injury that bothers him squatting but not standing? If not, a second night in a row at 3B doesn’t seem to be a good idea.

    Also, Blake has played with such confidence. Having the catcher replace him doesn’t help his confidence, not two games in a row. Russell might not be in competition with him but it must feel like it to him.

    Once again, in a close game we pinch hit for Bennett, bringing us closer to an emergency catcher.


  5. Harold says:

    I feel badly for Andruw but right now he is unable to contribute anything on offense. Drastic times demand drastic measures. Andruw is a good guy and good team player but has to get straightened out. Send him down, put him on a weight loss program, sit him for a week, make him a late inning defensive replacement, whatever, but make a statement.

    Joe has stated a number of times he would play the best outfield to help the team win. That was when JP was the question mark. Why does it not apply to Andruw? You are right Robert, JP is really contibuting. What’s not to like about him? His arm I guess, but I think his legs more than make up for that. He and Raffy drive pitchers crazy.

    Ethier needs to play and deserves to play. He was playing regularly and now isn’t with Andruw striking out 33 times in less than 100 AB’s. I know this situation must be difficult for Joe and Ned but they have to address it.

  6. Badger says:

    Harold and Robert are right. The biggest problem with this lineup is the fact Ethier ain’t in it.

    And if Bennett plays, Martin should rest. Don’t like this move. DeWitt is the 3rd baseman until LaRoche gets back.

    Or…. maybe not.

    Lucas May?

    But, as I check the box score, we have a 6 run lead after two innings.

    Joe’s a genius.

  7. Robert Cole says:

    Yeah. I too am starting to think that there is something behind the scenes that goes beyond left handed pitchers putting Martin at third and DeWitt on the bench. It just doesn’t make sense. Not with DeWitt playing and batting as well as he has. I mean with LaRoche and Nomar both coming back, the kid has his days numbered as it is. Why not give him the playing time he deserves if for no other reason than potentially boosting his trade value?

  8. mark says:

    It’s possible his trade value is as high as it s going to get. He’s done pretty well. Odds are he won’t get better in the near term.

  9. mark says:

    I hate to say it, but when you pay a guy $18 mil, he has a lot longer leash. We probably have to give him until the end of the month…

    We’ve been carrying him, maybe he’ll come back and carry us, but he sure looks bad (as he strikes out again).

  10. mark says:

    Loaiza is pitching like he’s on the Rockies payroll…

  11. Robert Cole says:

    Your absolutely right about that. I suppose it’s a lot easier for us to talk about benching Jones than it is for the Dodger club house to do. But this just can’t go on. His swing is pathetic. It’s a reaching uppercut that at this level of play is unacceptable. I mean he says he’s trying everything, but I really don’t believe that. Sure he has changed his sock appearance and even opened his stance a little but, he needs to go back to the basics. Elbow up, knees bent…. Come on. If his swing gets any lower he’s going to have to change sports.

  12. Robert Cole says:

    What a game for Loney!!! Six RBI’s in 3 at bats. Amazing. And even more amazing… a base hit by jones!!!

  13. Harold says:

    I guess it was during the 2006 season that James had the 9 RBI game against the Rockies. Maybe again.

  14. mark says:

    Tavaras is Amazing!

  15. Badger says:

    Anybody else seen enough of Loaiza?

    I still say we need a 5th starter.

    I guess as long as we are scoring runs with Jones in the lineup he will have a longer leash. It would be one thing if he was correcting his mistakes but having hard luck. What he is doing has nothing to do with luck, unless you count the times the pitcher hits his bat with a pitch.

    Jones is a mess.

  16. Robert Cole says:

    You know what really pisses me off about jones, besides the fact that he can’t hit? That ridiculous smirk. It would make me feel a little less angry with him if he’d at least show some sign of his frustration. Throw a helmet, smack your forehead, anything to let the fans know that he is not happy with making another out either. But no. We don’t even get that much respect. What we get is screwed out of eighteen million dollars by a guy with an arrogant smirk.

  17. Robert Cole says:

    And yes I’ve seen enough of Loaiza.

  18. mark says:

    Joe Randa had a “smirk” – actually looked like the Joker.

    Andruw does have a smirk… doesn’t he?

    Juan Pierre is making himself pretty valuable!

  19. Robert Cole says:

    What do you mean making? Juan Pierre is a man who performs under pressure no matter what. It was only the season before last that he was the hardest man in baseball to strike out. Not only that, but he has speed that is hard to come by. He needs to be in the line up everyday and I think he has more than proved that. When I go to dodger stadium and take my seat in the left field pavilion, do you know who the first Dodger on the field is every single game? Thats right. Juan Pierre.

  20. Badger says:

    Good, another Juan Pierre fan. Thought me and Mover were the only ones. He takes a lot of heat on other boards. 3 hits, 2 runs and 2 SB. As long as he is in the lineup, Jones can keep going 1 for 5, raising his average, and we can win.

    I still would like to see another 5th starter. Kuo seems to be better suited for 3 innings of relief. It’s like Loaiza and Kuo are the 5th starter, each going around 3.

    This team is hitting on 7 of 8 cylinders. Not hard to figure out which cylinder isn’t firing.

    It’s the big round one in the middle.


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