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This Is Like Deja Vu All Over Again

Wake up, it’s 2007 again!  That’s what it feels like as we continually find new ways to lose!  Sure Saito is going to blow a game now and again, but last night was not the time for it.  We just looked pathetic.

Martin started to break out of his funk and Jones hit a bomb for a triple.  We know Martin is going to be fine – we just aren’t sure about Jones.  Is it a temporary thing or is he on the downhill slide?  Who knows. but as much as everyone says weight isn’t an issue, I think it is! He was heavy last year and heavier this year.  Even Ray Charles could see that!

Kuroda pitched well, as did Proctor, Beimel and Broxton.  Saito just blew chunks.  It happens.  It just didn’t need to happen last night – a game we needed if for nothing but morale.  Now, we need Kuo to give us a boost!  We just don’t seem to be a team and we seem to chock in the clutch – over and over again.  We simply cannot execute with RISP!





  • The 51’s Lit 11-5
  • Nomar started at 3B and was 3-3 with a double.
  • Greg Miller continues his struggles as he waslked 3 in 1.1 innings – his ERA is now 7.27


  • The Suns lost 6-3
  • Lucas May continues to be hot in a pitchers league, and went 3-4 with his 2nd HR and a double – This guy looks like a prospect!
  • Ivan DeJesus, Jr. was 2-5 and is at .386 – he too looks like he is just “getting it”
  • James McDonald pitched 5 innings, giving up 3 hits and 2 runs while striking out 5 – his ERA stands at 2.92
  • Yency Brazoban pitched another scoreless 2/3 of an inning – he still hasn’t been scored upon


  • The 66′ers won 3-1
  • Perez was 2-4 with his 1st HR
  • Tim Sexton, a 6′ 6″ 21 year old RH got the win with 6 string innings


  • The Loons lost 4-0
  • Jovanny Rosario was 2-5
  • Lambo was 1-3 and is hitting .300
  • Baez got a hit and is now at .097
  • Mattingly is now hitting .163, which immensely better than Van Slyke’s .100

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5 Responses to “This Is Like Deja Vu All Over Again”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Not much to say about the game, but here’s a great line from Simers’ article today (wow, I don’t write that phrase often):

    “PRESIDENT BUSH has invited Tom Lasorda to join him in Washington to meet the Pope. It’ll be interesting to see the Pope’s reaction when Lasorda tells him he might not go to heaven if he doesn’t root for the Dodgers.”

  2. voldomer says:

    That was me.

  3. Badger says:

    Half our starting lineup is at .256 or lower. And, the guy at .256 is the rook.

    That ain’t a very good start now is it.

    Martin will come around. Jones? Not so sure. He will connect now and then, more then than now, and, since we have no real bombers on this club, we need guys that can hit consistently. Better to have 8 guys hitting .280 than 2 guys hitting .380 followed by a group of .200 hitters.

    I have heard some of the moneyball people say there is no such thing as clutch hitting. Well, I call hitting WRISP clutch. When you don’t do it you are a sub .500 team. Hello Dogs.

    Saito hasn’t been right since his he scroinged his gluteal. Maybe he can work it out. Maybe he needs a massage therapist to work it out for him. Mover?

    And who would have ever thunk it – we are behind the pathetic Gints in the standings. Yoiks.

  4. mark says:


    Tommy will set the Pope straight. He’d better become a Dodger fan or he’ll burn in hell, or at least purgatory!

  5. Badger says:

    The Pope should clear the astral region’s parole board.

    Not so sure about some of the men who work for him though.


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