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03-17-08 – The Final Game at Dodgertown

kershaw_koufax_2008st.jpgSunday’s Game:

  1. It has been rumored here in Vero Beach that D-Lowe was verbally castigating Vin Scully in a local bar.  If that is true, then he got his Karma.  You can’t talk bad about Vin  and live…
  2. Juan Pierre crushed the ball every time up today.  Once he almost crushed the pitcher’s skull!
  3. Blake DeWitt continues to hit well.  I think it’s possible Nomar may start on the DL, allowing DeWitt a little longer to impress.
  4. Abreu looked pretty good today.  Is it too late to make the team?  I don’t know…
  5. Repko is outplaying Young… by a mile!  But, we lose Young forever if we send him down.  Repko can come back.  So who goes?
  6. Mike Myers?  Don’t think so, but maybe…
  7. Pierre?  Ethier?  I won’t say..
  8. Jason Johnson will be a #5,  just not for us!
  9. Delwyn Young has a sore chicken wing.
  10. More cuts soon.
  11. Today I am videoing the last game at Dodgertown.  Consider this:  Tommy will be manager, the Dodgers will wear green,  it’s St. Patty’s Day – My wife’s name is Patty and she has to be a saint to stay with me…

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